Saturday, September 22, 2007

Something Always Happens (1934)

Three stars - it was easy to like this movie but I probably won't watch again.

A young man with a dream and a pretty girl who helps him get there. Some good plot features: the girl has a secret which the audience is in on for a while, then the guy has a secret and then the secret gets turned around on him - it's a great little collection of plot twists. And there is an adorable orphan boy. Also, the whole movie takes place in a few rooms, like a play, but the action seems interesting enough.

I liked it despite it being very slow to develop and over-acted. It is very well put together but you can feel the extra seconds ticking by in the cut. It is just full of shots that don't need to be there and it is hard not to will the movie just to get to the damn point.

We skipped the first few hours - I mean the first hour - and the second half picked up in pace. Ended so abruptly I tivoed back to see if I had missed something.

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