Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bedtime Story (1941)

Frederic March plays the leading man in this and I think the movie was hurt just a little by that - he's funny - so funny that I didn't really recognize him from The Best Years of Our Lives (that and no mustache) - and he's not particularly handsome or charming, even when he's supposed to be trying to be.

(This is the only picture I could find that MIGHT be from the movie - it's the female lead, but it's probably NOT from the movie...some movies are not popular enough to make fan sites, I guess)

In this movie a husband and wife get divorced and then end up together again in the end, a favorite theme for movies in this era.

I'm giving this movie one star, despite it being so promising. It had several things that really annoyed me.

1) the husband unilaterally changes plans on the woman and expects her to just go along with him, when she doesn't, he still doesn't come around. So it's basically a movie about how he forces her to compromise on what she wants. In the end he convinces her it's what she really wants, too, but it's pretty aggravating.

2) The wife is always catching on to the husband's tricks, but she never gets to play any tricks of her own.

3) you know what he's up to, so you're always waiting for the character you sympathize to get duped. I hate that.

Two stars, I guess, just because it has its comic moments.

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