Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Bishop's Wife (1947)

Cary Grant can skate! (says Jessica)
Cary Grant can skate, but when he does, he shrinks by three feet. (says David)
But still, Cary Grant is perfect.  And he is a real angel.

This is possibly the definition of a feel good movie.  A bishop is busy trying to get the money to build a new cathedral and is ignoring his wife and daughter.  In swoops an angel to subtly help him see what is really important in his life.  Yes there is some drama, and there is some conflict.  There is even some relationship sketchiness, but there is never any doubt in your mind that all that happens is for the good of the characters and will lead to immense happiness.  Three stars, and I will see this again some other Christmas.

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Ms. Q said...

I had this Tivoed to watch this Christmas and I just couldn't.

I think it's partly just that I want Cary Grant to get the girl, but I feel bad for the Bishop.

Still, three stars. Will watch again, of course.