Monday, February 9, 2009

The Crimson Pirate (1952)

Can you:

1) Play "I have scurvy" so successfully that your unsuspecting target will board your ship, allowing you to then jump up and take prisoners?

2)Take flying leaps through the air and bounce off of building awnings to escape a pursuing army?

3) Wear a tight fitting ladies sweater and ballet shoes and still look like a swashbuckler?

4)  Accomplish the impossible with the help of your mute but acrobatic sidekick who communicates solely through charades?

5)  Seduce damsels in distress? ("If you knew it was bolted you must have tried it, and if you tried it, you must know why it was bolted.")

6)  Plan to swindle everyone for your own pirate purposes but become a noble swashbuckler instead?

Yes?  Then you may be one of these men:
The Crimson Pirate.  A must see.  Three stars.

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