Wednesday, August 15, 2007

That Touch of Mink (1962)

One Star. Will not watch again.

Oh my. Doris Day Day on TCM, or so it seems, and this has no dancing or singing, so it was hard to bear.

Cary Grant was by far the best part. Sexually frustrated CG is one of my favorite CGs to watch. He has his comedy down pat by '62 and he seems to be trying very hard to do his bit without ever being in the same scene with Doris Day.

Maybe that's because they were apparently intent on putting vaseline on the lens every time she appeared on screen since she had reached the ripe old age of - gasp - 38! Meanwhile, Cary Grant was - get this - 58 - and wasn't considered old enough to merit vaseline. A perfect example of Hollywood's age problem. A problem that it only seems to have with women.

Truth be told, though, DD's bit I'm not so fond of - Mary Tyler Moore does daffy better, in my opinion. Even Sally Field does indignant virgin better. But it's DD's schtick so if you love her, then here you go!

Costumes are mildly entertaining and the fashion show sequence is a nice touch.

Again, the same as in Yours Mine and Ours there is something vaguely Brady to these clean-clean comedies that try to be "romantic" comedies. You'd get more play taking your date to Shrek than you would watching this at the drive-in.

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