Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kiss Them for Me (1957)

Cary Grant stars in this story of a reluctant hero. So reluctant that he flees to San Francisco to find a girl rather than do his duty to the US Navy and regale the press with tails of heroism from the front lines. There are a lot of digs at Navy bureaucracy, reminiscent of Mother Goose, another great CG film.

Also, this is another film featuring Cary Grant the smooth-talking shyster (like Mr. Lucky). Almost as soon as he arrives on dry land he starts conning everyone in sight. His character fits the true definition of a player. And, of course, in all romantic comedies featuring a player, in the end the player must voluntarily "lose" the game for love. And in this case also go willingly back to war in the hopes of becoming a hero.

Ms. Mansfield

I first had watched this movie last year and I remember realizing me that Marilyn Munroe - THE iconic blonde bimbo - was not the first. I thought about that again later while I was watching Born Yesterday (in which Holliday plays a blonde ditz to perfection). But now that I look at the dates Munroe predates Mansfield - but Holliday predates them both.

Good to know, but does not detract for one minute from my enjoyment of this film. It is a broad, slapstick and wacky movie; very fun, although not at all perfect.

Will watch again, but not for another year!
Three Stars.

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