Sunday, July 4, 2010

1776, the Musical (1972)

A musical comedy about the founding of the country? Sign me up for that! At present moment I am watching the decision to debate independence in congress be decided by Rhode Island after returning from the privy.

Ribald jokes, complaints about the plumbing and the flies - this is probably a pretty realistic portrayal of congress, actually. I know history has to be manipulated a little to allow for the right number of characters and things like rhymes in songs - but is that really much worse than the changes that are made in history books?
I was about to say something about this movie making history interesting to young people but since Kimberly just fell asleep I am going to abandon this line of thought.
Two stars for the movie, three stars for making me think about US history on Forth of July weekend.
Will probably try to watch again with the kids next week.

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Jessica said...

I do love the song where everyone yells at Mr. Adams to sit down. I have to admit, though, that I also fell asleep partway through the movie and still haven't seen the whole thing. Maybe Kimberly and I will watch it someday.