Monday, April 7, 2008

Dark Victory (1939)

Starring Bette Davis as a rich playgirl who is diagnosed with a fatal disease that will steal her sight and then her life. She is so interesting to watch - as a self-absorbed, proud, spoiled young woman,

as a brave patient, as a grateful survivor enjoying life,

a spiteful woman, wronged by love and betrayed by her best friend,

as a doomed woman living recklessly without regard for her safety or her reputation,

and as a woman resigned to her fate, determined to live out what is left of her life in dignity.

It's like a full palette of human emotion, and she does it so well!

And yes, there is a Dr. McDreamy, too, and he doesn't have a wife.

Four stars, would watch again now - and yes, I'm becoming a total Bette Davis fan!

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