Monday, April 7, 2008

Tunnel of Love (1958)

A cartoonist and his wife adopt a baby that looks a little too much like the cartoonist.
That's how Tivo described this movie.

It's a little James Thurber-esque with the man imagining himself into trouble.

Doris Day movies are never my favorite, and this one, based on a misunderstanding which the audience can easily comprehend but which takes the characters and hour and a half to figure out.

The premise is that as a couple is trying to adopt a baby they are also fighting. The social worker from the adoption agency asks the would-be father to go with her into town, he does, thinking this is a date and he is cheating. He gets so nervous he gets drunk and passes out, forgetting everything that happened and waking up in a strange hotel.

Later the same unprofessional social worker asks to borrow some money for him, saying she is expecting a baby and needs to go away. He jumps to conclusions, and when he and his wife are suddenly at the top of the list for adopting he develops a paranoid fear that the child is his own illegitimate offspring.

The only entertaining thing about the movie is the couple next door: philandering husband, enduring and fertile wife, they pop out child after child as the poor childless couple watch. No wonder they go crazy.

Anyhow, all's well that ends after 90 excruciating minutes of watching him writhing in fits of anxiety, but I'll never watch this again.

One star.

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