Saturday, July 21, 2007

Take Her, She's Mine (1963)

I watched this last summer - or I should say, I watched as much of it as I can stand.

Jimmy Stewart plays a man going slowly insane as his teenage daughter grows up. He follows her into various unlikely situations and hilarity ensues.

It's not always so hilarious, it's more predictable and suffers from those things that many sixties movies seem suffer from: slow editing, poor dialogue, characters that are hard to take seriously.

In the end, dad comes around. It's hard to find it touching, though, when both father and daughter are such total squares. Maybe that's the problem - the father is square and conservative - something that would have seem sympathetic to adults of that era but now reads as out of touch - and the daughter is supposed to be young and hip, but actually seems square cause she's written by, well, squares.

Will not watch again.
Two Stars.

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