Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956)

David chose this movie for us to watch one night...I waited too long to blog it...
Jessica: Why did you choose this movie?
David: You wanted something you'd never seen before. And you wanted a classic movie.
J: What do you like about it?
D: I don't know. I guess I have good memories of it. I probably watched it for the first time when I was eleven or so. We'd go to Hastings... that was when I started to really like Hitchcock... I like the suspense.
J: What should people know about the plot?
D: Well, I don't want to give it away...
J: A little sound-bite.
D: I don't want to give it away... Family man Jimmy Stewart finds himself in the middle of intrigue along with his lovely wife Doris Day. It would give stuff away if I said anything else. Except I'll say this. There's a scene that can only be explained by the fact that Hitchcock wanted to have a scene in a taxidermist's.
J: Thanks.
D: No, thank you. This interview has been lovely.

Four stars, and I would watch it again. I also want to re-watch Hitchcock's 1934 version, because I saw it too long ago to remember just exactly how different it was...I assume no "Que sera sera..."


mismo said...

The original (1934 version) has Peter Lore as the lead villain. It is darker, more thrilling, less cinematic and of course b&w. Both have the classic assassin versus the orchestra finale. In this version, rather than drugging the mother into a stupor to avoid imagined hysterics, she actively pursues and stops the baddies. Really great.

Anonymous said...

I must say you have done a good job. Your blog is very good. You have collected some interesting old movies. I like also tv serials. I like Lost and Scrubs tv shows.

Ms. Q said...

mismo - I love Peter Lorre, will have to check that out!

Melina - thanks! and thanks for reading - I love Scrubs, too!

My Classic FIlms said...

Great Movie! I saw it along time ago and I don't remember most of it. I cant wait to watch it again. My buddy just started a classic film blog called myclassicfilms.com. It's pretty cool too!