Saturday, November 29, 2008

Love Crazy (1941)

William Powell and Myrna Loy.  What do you think I will rate this movie?

Susan and Steve Ireland are celebrating their fourth anniversary in a wonderfully witty Loy and Powell way.  Instead of exactly re-enacting their first date the way that they usually do on their anniversary, Steve suggests that they re-enact the date backwards.  Unfortunately, they are interrupted almost immediately by the arrival of Susan's mother, and hilarity ensues.  

Steve gets stuck in an elevator with an old flame who lives a floor down, Susan's mother trips on the ugly anniversary present she has bought them, Susan has to run her mother's urgent pick-up errand, and a cooped up Steve ditches his mother-in-law to catch up with the old flame. All of this leads to divorce proceedings and Steve's increasingly drastic attempts to keep Susan from divorcing him over a misunderstanding. Oh William Powell, are you ever bad in a comedy?
Four stars.  I would watch this again.  I'm looking into non-Thin Man Loy&Powell box sets...