Saturday, February 19, 2011

Song of the Thin Man (1947)

But first, a Thin Man marathon...
9:50 - The Thin Man
"a manhattan, you shake to a foxtrot..."
"Waiter, will you serve the nuts... I mean, will you serve the guests the nuts."


*a long walk to a coffee shop and back...*

"I wish my old lady were bats that way."
Asta acrobatics!

"Daddy, drink milk!"
"But Daddy doesn't like milk."

"Why did he herd us into the room like this?"
"...this is the way he always works."

and the finale... 9:04 - Song of the Thin Man
I waited so long to finish this series of films. I think I was worried I would be sad when there were no more "new" Thin Man movies left to see. (And maybe a little worried that I would be disappointed in the later films.) Not sad, though, because I am perfectly happy re-watching. Not disappointed, either. The Asta actors do more cutesy tricks in each film, now there is a child to provide occasional silly kid quotes, and maybe there's less drinking, but Nick and Nora are still Nick and Nora. And Nora even gets to participate more in this mystery. Nick doesn't shove her in any falsely directed cabs or lock her in any rooms to prevent her from helping. Good for him. So, while the first film is definitely my favorite, I will still give this movie three stars, and I'm sure I will see it again sometime. Not sure there will ever be another marathon, though.