Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mr. Deeds Goes to Town

No stars, I will HAVE to watch it again.

Unfortunately for me, Mr. Deeds, Gary Cooper and my blog, Mr. Cooper bears a slight resemblance to some guy who has treated a friend of mine very badly recently and I could not concentrate on this movie while I was noticing this resemblance.

I kept finding fault with the main character. He seemed simplistic, disingenuous, fatuous, self-centered and pompous. Like George W. Bush in black and white.

Poor Gary Cooper. Poor Mr. Deeds. They have suffered for actions that are not their own. Maybe when the memory of Mr. MisDeeds has passed, I'll be able to watch unbiased.

I hope so, it seems like it would be entertaining if you didn't hate the main character's guts.

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