Thursday, July 17, 2008

PIllow Talk (1959)

"My pillow and I agree... there must be a boy for me."
And so goes the opening song...

When the movie begins, Jan (Doris Day) and Brad (Rock Hudson) have never met, but they share a party line.  Brad, player that he is, is always on the phone wooing some new girl.  Jan, furious that she never gets to use the phone and horrified by Brad's "sex mania," decides to lodge complaints and chew him out over the phone.  When Brad recognizes Jan's voice in a restaurant, he retaliates by adopting a new name and persona and trying to make her fall in love with him.

Part of the fun of this movie is the use of a split screen for phone calls.  Just as wonderful as the split screen moments are the moments when we get to hear Jan and Brad's thoughts.  "It couldn't be, or could it?"  So dramatic.  Or my favorite dueling thought moment:

in Jan's head: "He definitely respects me... He didn't even try to kiss me."
in Brad's head: "I'd say 5 or 6 dates oughtta do it."

And another great moment in Brad's head: "So that's the other end of your party line."  Hmmm.

Silly and fun.  Fours stars... would definitely watch again.  (And would like to see "Down with Love" again.)


Kim said...

I love this movie! My personal favorite part is the Roly Poly song. It's hilarious!!

me said...

While searching for something else, I found your blog. I've never found ANYONE that has my exact taste in movies. From Cary to Captain Blood? Amazing.

My Pillow Talk dvd is going to get worn out one of these days.

My all time favorite film is Some Like it Hot. I hope you review it. Great blog!