Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bathing Beauty (1944)

I caught this on TCM this Sunday morning - why does TCM play all the good movies in the morning? Red Skelton is sneaking into a woman's college to pursue the love of his life so I'm sold.

Still watching it. It must be colorized because the colors are crazy. Maybe not, though. It is sort of a musical since Red Skelton plays a songwriter.

I was sold when a strange old man started drunkenly plotting his life in fruit on the bar. And what can I say to a movie where a chorus of college girls coaxes a spinster music professor into playing jive on her organ while they accompany her on drums and tamborines? Heaven, pure heaven.

I also had to rewind and fast-forward to examine the hairstyles, too. Each girl wears red lipstick and red fingernails and a perfect reverse flip with curled hair. Each hair-do is slightly different on each side and slightly different from every other girl's.

It is purely fascinating.

Okay I'm finished watching and I'm putting this on my "need to watch again" list because there was way too much to take in at once - the grand finale was a water ballet! There were people shoved into a closet together and a man with a guitar climbing through a window and lots of other Zany Comedy Moments. It was like RS was channeling Buster Keaton!

The colorizing is almost too much to handle - it must have been colorized in the sixties when matching orange ensembles seemed like a cool idea.

Need to watch again.
Three Stars.

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